2UE should be more like 3AW

The ill-feeling from Southern Cross management’s failed joint venture with 2GB spilled over to the 2UE staff Christmas party at the State Theatre on Tuesday night.

A radioinfo source says Tony Bell was unable to attend “to much relief from everyone.”

When the Chairman, John Dahlsen, made his speech “he told us if we were good little boys and girls, and worked hard, we could be as good as 3AW and dominate the ratings.”

While the Chairman was speaking he “seemed nervous” and aware he was on uncertain ground. “You could hear people grinding their teeth on masse” says our informant.

The source goes on to say “then Lawsy got up and said we were the dominant force in Sydney radio when Southern Cross bought the station and didn’t want to be like 3AW… we want to be 2UE”.

Laws then received “a huge cheer from the staff” for his speech.

Another source told radioinfo “the Chairman looked embarrassed” during Lawsy’s speech, also that “he was silent and looked totally out of touch with the people in the room.”

The staff had earlier been asked to “avoid a slanging match” with 2GB.

According to our sources John Laws made “a beautiful speech, which rallied the troops behind 2UE, and lifted morale so much that everyone went on to have a great time at the party.”

The Spike column of today’s Sydney Morning Herald (December 11) also covers the story. See the Paper Clips section of radioinfo (click from left margin).