97.3 promo targets former host: ‘Not about one person any more’

The breakfast battle in Brisbane is getting personal, with a promo airing this week quoting a listener:

Hey it’s Carly here from Redland Bay,

When I first heard about the show changing I was angry to be honest with you, after ten years of being with three people every morning…

Confused as to what had happened…

Bianca came along and she totally changed my thoughts on the breakfast team because I realised then it was three people…

The show for me now is all about the energy… she made the whole team gell…

It’s all about the three of them now, not just about one person.

97.3’s new breakfast lineup Bianca Terry and Bob started after ARN and Robin Bailey could not reach terms on a new contract. Bailey says she was sacked, the station says they could not agree on contract negotiations. 97.3 replaced her with Bianca Dye from the Gold Coast.

Bailey’s name is never mentioned in the promo, but the reference is evident.

It will be interesting to hear if Robin Bailey’s new station Triple M will counter ARN’s campaign.
In the last ratings Triple M’s Marto Ed and Robin recorded a 2.9 gain in audience share, while 97.3’s new show dropped 2.0, losing its number 1 ranking in the timeslot.
Bailey and her co-hosts are now out rating her old station at breakfast.

Triple M is in fourth place overall in the Brisbane market, behind three stations: market leader 97.3, Hit105, and Nova 106.9, but Triple M had the biggest rise in survey 1. Survey 2 is currently in the field, with results to be released on April 27.


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