ACMA extends digital radio trials

The Australian Communications and Media Authority is extending the current digital radio trials in Canberra and Darwin until 30 June 2016.

The trials are being conducted by Commercial Radio Australia and use DAB+ digital radio technology. Participants in the Canberra trial include The ABC and SBS with hopes that community services will join the trial soon.

Commercial Radio Australia says it looks forward to exploring how these services might become permanent as suggested in the Communications Department’s recently released Digital Radio Report.

The Digital Radio Report made several recommendations, including the establishment of a Digital Radio Planning Committee for Regional Australia, to be chaired by the ACMA, which will focus on the rollout of digital radio to regional areas. Priority will first be given to licensing of permanent digital radio services in Canberra and Darwin and then exploring new areas in Australia.

Commercial Radio Australia CEO Joan Warner said: “The commercial radio industry is buoyed by the support from ACMA on the extension of the Darwin and Canberra trials, and the Communications Department for the announcement of the Digital Radio Planning Committee for Regional Australia. We’re working with our industry colleagues on the planning for the first committee meeting.”

Permanent digital radio services using DAB+ technology have been operating in Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney since 1 July 2009.

Information on digital radio and the DAB+ trials in Canberra and Darwin is available on the ACMA website. Information on the services available on the Canberra and Darwin trials can be found here.

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