On air light still shining after 12 years

With Breakfast Co-Host Mark Darin using some of his Long Service leave for a family holiday in Europe, 92.7 Mix FM’s Caroline Hutchinson needed a co-host for the month of August.

Without much convincing, former Breakfast Co-Host Justin Veivers was all too keen to step up and re-live the past, working with Caroline for the month.

“It’s been a lot of years since we worked together, or since I’ve driven the panel, but we hit the ground running and have had a lot of fun over the last few weeks. I haven’t taken the station off air, so that’s a bonus,” said Justin.

Caroline and Justin have been well received by long time listeners who remember when they duo used to work together.

It’s Mix FM’s 80’s August, so Caroline and Justin have been not only enjoying the trip down memory lane, but the music to match.

Regular host Mark Darin returns from leave and joins Caroline again from the 31st August.

Known for his holiday gift giving, Caroline waits in anticipation as to what she will be given upon his return.

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