Alan Jones sued by Campbell Newman for defamation

Queensland Premier Campbell Newman and Deputy Premier Jeff Seeney have lodged papers in the Supreme Court, Brisbane in a lawsuit against Alan Jones.

The suit concerns comments Jones made against Mr Newman on special election program for 4BC on Monday 19th January concerning the Acland stage three coal mine. 

Jones confirmed the the action against him while on 4BC this morning.

“I have been waiting to hear from Campbell Newman for a long time – goodness knows how many times I’ve communicated with him on a range of issues and those communications have been unanswered,” he said.

“So imagine my surprise yesterday when I did receive correspondence running to 35 pages from him and his sidekick, Jeff Seeney.

“The correspondence though doesn’t address any of the concerns that I have been raising, it takes the form of a claim and statement of claim for defamation filed in the Queensland Supreme Court yesterday relating to comments I made about Mr Newman in relation to the Acland stage three coal mine.”

Listen to the introduction of Jones’ broadcast on Monday 19th January below.


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