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Nova Entertainment


What a difference a survey makes but not in a good way for the NOVA stations.  In the previous Survey (7), the NOVA brand had captured the number one spot in Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth. Today, it was like going back to the future with all the heritage leaders back on top. SCA’s MIX94.5 in Perth, ARN’s MIX102.3 in Adelaide and ARN’s 97.3 in Brisbane. It was like old time of a couple of years ago.

NOVA was down a tad (-0.4) in Sydney with Breakfast off by -0.6. But Melbourne’s NOVA100 managed to wax on a tiny +0.1 – enough to insert itself into the middle of the FM pack on a 7.2 share, just 0.1 behind FOX. AS well, it won FM Breakfast in Melbourne with Sam, Chrissy and Brownie on an 8.2.


On the smooth side, Sydney’s 95.3 stayed steady on a 9.3 share to keep it in second place overall and #1 FM. In Melbourne, 91.5 was down -0.6 and is now in 4th place overall.

Australian Radio Network

KIIS & Friends

It was a good outing for the mixed brand. All their stations improved except for KIIS106.5 Sydney, which was down a fraction (-0.2) and was relegated to 4th place by a resurgent ABC. In Melbourne, KIIS101.1 was up +0.2 and its Breakfast duo, Jase & P.J. was up a whole +1.0. In Brisbane, 97.3 took back the lead from NOVA and the same for MIX102.3 in Adelaide. As usual, the radio gods were having a laugh as the freshly axed Breakfast team Bianca, Mike & Bob put on +1.7 to win the timeslot.

In Perth, after falling back by -0.8 in the previous survey, 96fm is back on track with a modest uptick (+0.1) yet, now finds itself in third place not second.

Pure Gold

Although Jonesy and Amanda’s Breakfast Show gained +0.5, WSFM was off a bit (-0.1). In Melbourne, however, things got a little rocky with a -1.5 drop overall. Still, it retains #2 overall and #1 FM in the market. The Christian O’Connell Breakfast show did not fare much better with a -1.3 drop which meant he lost the #1 FM spot to Chrissie, Sam and Browny on NOVA100.

In Brisbane, the venerable 4KQ shed -0.5 but remains #1 AM. CRUISe1323 in Adelaide was up +0.2 and is #2 AM behind FIVEaa on a 9.6 share overall.

Southern Cross Austereo

It was a patchy survey for SCA with more downs than ups. The best result was a beauty in Perth where MIX94.5 whose long run of wins over the past decade seemed to be over, took back the lead after four straight losses to NOVA

Triple M

In Sydney, the brand was down -1.2 to land on a 5.2 share. Breakfast was down -1.6 to land on a 5.3. Things were better in Melbourne where The Ms were up +0.3 for a 6.8 with Eddie’s Hot Breakfast leading the charge with a 1.5 gain to a 7.0 share for the shift.

In Brisbane Triple M is still hunting in the top pack of four on a 10.9 share with a tiny rise of +0.1. Adelaide saw 5MMM plummet -1.1.


It started well in Sydney with a small gain of +0.2 for 2Day to put it on 4.1, helped along with Jamie Angel in Breakfast pumping out the hits for a 0.9 gain off a low base of 2.6. But the Melbourne’s FOX spoilt any thought of celebration with its -1.3 and 7.3 share. The normally reliable Breakfast show was down -2.0.

HIT105 in Brisbane was steady enough with just a -0.1 loss and Adelaide was down -0.3 while Perth’s 92.9 was down an inconsequential -0.1.

Macquarie Media and Other Talk

While 2GB and 3AW both remain firmly anchored to the number one spot, the Melbourne station continues to outshine its Sydney sister as it widens the gap between them in survey shares. With a drop of -1.2, 2GB now sits on a 12.1 share overall. On the other hand, 3AW increased its share by 0.4 to land on a huge 15.4 share, 3.3 better than 3GB’s.

Brisbane’s 4BC managed a 6.3 share on mainly networked content from Sydney. In Perth, 6PR shed 0.7 to be on 6.9.

In Adelaide, the NovEnt owned FIVEaa returned a +0.6 gain to take 3rd place in that market.

Macquarie Sports Radio continues to be a basket case with all three iterations on the eastern seaboard failing to reach even a 0.1 percent cent share of the marketplace.



Local Radio

It was a good day for Aunty’s flagship network in the major markets. Sydney was up +0.8 to 8.9 and pip KIIS by 0.1 to be outright 3rd on the ratings ladder behind 2GB and smooth. But the tables were turned in Breakfast with Kyle & Jackie O retuning an 11.4 share to Robbie Buck and Wendy Harmer’s 10.5.

The ABC held down the number 3 spot in Melbourne too with a modest +0.1 gain. Brisbane waxed off -0.2, Adelaide -0.1, while in Perth the drop was more significant, -1.1 and 7th place.

triple j

Aunty’s youth network’s had a blinder. The brand went up in every market as did its Breakfast show with Lucy Smith who replaced Ben & Liam. The boys will be at NOVA91.9 in Adelaide next year.






2GB and Triple M lost the most share this survey, while ABC stations and 2CH gained most.

  • Top station 2GB lost 1.2 share points to finish the year on 12.1% overall
  • smooth was steady in second place overall, on 9.3%
  • ABC Sydney moved into third place, up 0.8 to 8.9%
  • KIIS dropped to fourth place, down 0.2 to 8.8%
  • Fifth placed WSFM lost 0.1 to score 7.5%
In other notable movements, 2Day (4.1%) dropped below 2CH (4.3%) and NewsRadio rose one share point to 3%.

2GB won breakfast ahead of KIIS and ABC Sydney. 2GB won mornings, evenings and weekends. smooth won afternoons and KIIS won drive.

KIIS won 10-17s, Nova won 18-24s, KIIS won 25-39s, smooth won 40-54s, ABC Sydney won 55-64s and 2GB won the over 65s.


Gold and Fox had the biggest falls this survey, while triple j scored the biggest gain.

  • First placed 3AW gained 0.4 to score 15.6% overall
  • Gold held on to second place despite losing 1.5 share points to 11.0%
  • Third placed ABC Melbourne gained 0.1 to 9.3%
  • Fourth placed smooth lost 0.6 to 8.5%
  • Fifth placed Fox lost 1.3 to 7.3%

Macquarie Sports Radio continued to lose more of its small audience in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

In Virginia Trioli’s first full survey result after repleacing Jon Faine on ABC Mebourne, the morning shift fell from 13.2 to 11.5, while 3AW’s morning shift with Neil Mitchell, rose by one share point. However the GfK survey shift times do not exactly coincide with the air time  for Trioli’s shift, so it is not an entirely true indication of her performance.

3AW won breakfast ahead of ABC Melbourne. 3AW won all other day parts except afternoons, which was won by GOLD.

Nova won 10-17s, Fox won 18-39s, Gold won 40-54s and 3AW won the over 55s.


97.3FM and triple j had the biggest jumps this survey, while Nova fell hardest.

  • 97.3 surged to first place on 12.5%, with a rise 1.5 share points in the last survey for the current breakfast team, which ended their run at the top spot on the breakfast ladder
  • Triple M moved into second place, down 0.1 to 10.9%
  • Hit 105 slipped to third place, down 0.4 to 10.7%
  • Nove dropped from second to fourth place, down 1.5 to 10.4%
  • triple j moved into fifth place, gaining 2 share points to score 9.6% overall, beating the local ABC Radio Brisbane station, whcih scored 6.4%

97.3 won breakfast in a tightly fought race, just ahead of Hit and Triple M. 97.3 won mornings, afternoons and weekends. Nova won drive and evenings.


Mix rose most, while Triple M, Nova and ABC Adelaide all dropped significantly.

  • ARN’s Mix 102.3 powered into top position, gaining 1.7 to 13.6%
  • Second placed Nova dropped 1 share point to 11.0%
  • Third placed FIVEaa gained 0.6 to 10.9%
  • Cruise continued smooth sailing, moving into fourth place, up 0.2 to 9.6%
  • Hit107 lost 0.3, dropping into fifth place on 9.3%

FIVEaa won breakfast ahead of ABC Adelaide and Mix. Mix won mornings anad afternoons, Nova won drive, FIVEaa won evenings and Nova won weekends.


Mix and triple j had the biggest gains, while ABC Perth (down 1.1) and ABC Classic (down 1.0) had the biggest falls.

  • SCA’s Mix 94.5 had a whopping 2.3 share point gain, which won it top spot in the year’s final survey on 13.6%
  • Nova dropped to second spot, falling 0.7 to 12.6%
  • 96fm held third position, up 0.1 to 12%
  • Fourth placed Hit 92.9 lost 0.1 to 10.6%
  • triple j surged into fifth place, gaining 1.9 share points to 8.7%

Nova won breakfast and drive, Mix won mornings and afternoons, ABC perth won evenings and Mix won weekends.

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