The big Geelong cover up

You may not be aware that Geelong is home to a national treasure (other than the Cats) in the form of The National Wool Museum.

This winter more than a thousand homeless people will be a little less chilly thanks to the generosity of hundreds of Geelong locals, who’ve helped to literally blanket the Museum.

This annual initiative by local station K-ROCK in conjunction with the Salvation Army, is now in its third year and has collected more than 5,000 blankets for people affected by poverty and homelessness. The campaign objective this year was to collect blankets across a three week period and cover the entire 5 floors of the National Wool Museum.

The culmination of the month long promotion saw the blankets taken to the National Wool Museum in a 20 tonne Fuso truck before being spread throughout the museum, graphically highlighting the extent of the homelessness problem as we move into the colder months.

K-ROCK breakfast host Leroy Brown, the creator of the initiative, interviewed several Geelong people living rough over the course of the campaign , which gave listeners an emotional and very real insight of life on the streets of Geelong.

K-ROCK Program Director Leigh Kuhlman said the entire station staff got behind the Blanket Geelong initiative.

This is one of those things that everyone can relate to, because it could so easily be anyone of us sleeping out there in cars or under bridges,”
he said.

In previous years K-ROCK has helped to blanket the Geelong Arena and Cunningham Pier.

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