Bob Rogers sets a new radio world record

Someone should contact the Guinness Book of World Records. 

Their records are wrong.
According to them the record for the longest career as a Radio Presenter/DJ in the world belongs to Herbert “The Cool Gent” Rogers Kent (USA, b. 05 October 1928). He has been a regular radio presenter/disc jockey since 1944. Broadcasting in various Chicago radio stations, he still hosts a weekend show on WVAZ Radio, in Chicago, Illinois, USA, as of 2009.
Although Bob Rogers and Herbert Rogers Kent (left) both share a commonality in name, our research suggests they are not related.
Herbert began his radio career at the age of 16, the Guinness Book goes on to say. Today, (2009) he continues to work with community leaders to show young people positive alternatives. He has hosted programs alongside Stevie Wonder for Dr. Martin Luther King’s last visit to Chicago. 
Our very own Bob Rogers, who was embedded with The Beatles during their Australian tour, started his career at 3XY in Melbourne two years earlier, in 1942 – according to Wikipedia. But according to his bio on 2CH he also started in 1944. However, Herbert Kent passed away just hours after pulling an air shift in 2016, our Bob was still at it last Friday when he finally told 2CH listeners that doctors had ordered him to give it a rest. 
Nonetheless, he still hopes to do a weekend slot of oldies but goldies.
In all, Bob Rogers, who turns 92 on December 3, has spent at minimum a staggering 74 years in radio, at least two more than Herbert did. 

By comparison, John Laws who started at 3BO Bendigo in 1953 has racked up 65 years, so far. In radio management, Bathurst Broadcasters’ Ron Camplin celebrated 70 years a few months ago while Janet Cameron who took over the reins of Grant Broadcasters at age 33 has been in the business for 57 years.

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