Clare Blake leaves 4BC

Clare Blake has left 4BC after the station decided not to renew her contract for 2016.

Blake opted to not return to her 11am-2pm slot after meeting with management on Monday, with a fill-in presenter taking her slot for the rest of the year.

Drive host Ben Davis is now the only remaining Brisbane-based presenter after the Fairfax MRN merger in March. This resulted in mornings host Patrick Condren and breakfast duo Ian Skippen and Loretta Young being replaced with syndicated Sydney programs.
In a statement, Blake said that she left the station on good terms, “It’s been great fun and I’ve met great people, but really, you can’t argue with the figures.”

“They gave me three or four options but I thought it was best for the stability of people left there I bow out gracefully and let them move on with the next plan,”

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