Hayley Pearson’s former radio boss suggested she lie about what?

Former SAFM breakfast presenter Hayley Pearson has revealed in a blog a former radio boss asked her to lie about where she lived, “it’s more relatable to be from an outer suburb”.
“WTF — who cares where you live?!!!,” writes Hayley who grew up in one of Adelaide’s “fancier” suburbs.
Hayley left breakfast radio when her second child was due, to focus on being a Mum.
Since then she has launched the website Adelady with former SCA producer Lauren DeCesare.
“It’s a place free of gossip and negativity. It’s full of fun, style, food, fashion, events and even a little mummy inspo. It’s about inspiring women and highlighting the best of Adelaide.”
The site has become so popular Channel 9 Adelaide has announced production has commenced on a lifestyle series based on adelady.com.au.
Hayley says: “After 12 years in radio we wanted to take everything we learnt to create a fun little community that made us happy”.

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