JOY alumni reunite on the Hit Network

JOY 94.9 has played host to many Australian rising radio stars, two of whom are set to reunite on the Hit Network across Australia next week.

Maddy Rowe and Aimee Craig were former broadcasters at JOY where they grew a large following in 2019 for their Drive time show Maddy & Aimee. Now both working across morning and daytime slots on the Hit Network, the pair have been reminiscing on their time at JOY and their upcoming reunion.

Aimee says, “When I first started out, I was looking for a radio station that had a strong community, created great content and was playing equally as great music, JOY had all of the above and more. I was really drawn to how JOY was so passionate about creating young media makers and helping them progress with their radio goals too.”

 “Every show was beyond fun to be a part of, imagine making content with your best friend every day?! It doesn’t get much better than that. We loved that we were able to come up with our weird and whacky segments and story arcs and then have the platform to share it on drive, we were really lucky to be given such a prime-time slot to showcase our personalities too,”

Maddy says, Being at JOY really gave me the foundations to work in radio – the coaching and training and facilities are amazing for anyone wanting to transition into doing radio full time. JOY was also a vital part of me feeling comfortable and accepted within the LGBTIQ+ community as a queer woman myself. I felt instantly at home in that building on Bourke Street, and I got to work alongside some of the most amazing people from the transgender community. I’ll never forget it.”

 “Aimee and I hit it off instantly and hosting drive together on JOY was one of the best experiences of my life – it was just like two best mates having a laugh together every Thursday. We learnt so much together.”

Now that the pair are set to reunite at their new stations as Aimee joins the team next week, they can’t quite believe their luck that they are back together again.

“It feels crazy to have everything come full circle, now having Aimee host workdays on the Hit network right before me across Bendigo. It’s like it’s meant to be. The Maddy & Aimee show back together again,” says Maddy.

“Being able to cross over to Maddy after my shift is the coolest, full circle moment. She’s oozing talent and is such a refreshing voice in the radio world, Hit are so, so lucky to have her. I hope we get to properly collab at some stage in our careers – the world needs more Maddy and Aimee,” says Aimee.

Hear Aimee Craig weekdays from 9-12pm on Bendigo’s Hit 91.9, and Maddy Rowe across the country on the Hit Network.


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