Kate, Tim and Marty’s Age Game available to play at home

Nova’s Kate, Tim & Marty have announced their on-air segment, The Age Game, can now be played by listeners on their mobile devices via the Nova app.
The Age Game allows users to play against Nova’s very own Kate Ritchie, Tim Blackwell or Marty Sheargold. Alternatively they can play against their friends by sending invitations via social media, text message or email.
The Age Game is played out on air every Wednesday afternoon on Nova’s national Drive show between Kate and Marty with Tim as the host and adjudicator.

 Kate, Tim & Marty said: “The Age Game is coming to a device near you – beware Rebel Wilson, there’s nowhere left to hide.”
The Age Game’s premise is simple, one at a time three different celebrities will be revealed. Users will then have 15 seconds to guess the age of each celebrity.
The player who guesses the closest age without going over will earn one point, with the winner’s title going to the player with the most points at the end of three rounds.
Users will be able to guess the age close to a thousand local and international personalities. From Charlie Sheen (49), Amanda Bynes (29) to Kamahl (80) or even Robert De Niro (71), you never know who The Age Game will throw at you.
The Age Game
is available to download now via the current Nova app on iTunes, Google Play and Kate, Tim & Marty can be heard nationally from 4.00pm – 6.00pm across the Nova Network.

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