Kyle & Jackie O give away $50,000

Listeners swarmed to a park in Sydney’s Chatswood area to win a lucrative KIIS promotion. 

KIIS 1065 Kyle & Jackie O listeners were on a mission to find the two ‘Cashed Up Sisters’, a radio promotion which involved deciphering a series of clues that were aired throughout the morning, and then identifying the location of the ‘Sisters’ and their $50,000 prize. 

 Listeners were asked to identify the location within seconds of Kyle & Jackie O starting a timer. 
Throughout the show, the Sisters moved locations from a street in Parramatta to a spot in Castle Hill, all the while giving away clues about their whereabouts, but the duo weren’t correctly identified within the allotted time, so the competition rolled onto another undisclosed location.

At the third and final location in Beauchamp Park, Chatswood, a plumber by the name of Serge Halas had heard the clue for the Sisters whereabouts, left his work site in the area and began madly searching several different Chatswood parks.
He spotted the Sisters from his car, quickly parked and sprinted across a field yelling “Are you Kyle and Jackie O’s Cashed Up Sisters?”
The 27-year-old listener form Newport said he would use the $50,000 to pay off his student loan.

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