Latest on digital radio installation at All India Radio

India has had a ‘year of controversies’ in its media industry, mostly related to coverage of the Commonwealth games. This extract from a much wider ranging year in review article by B B Nagpal’s looks at All India Radio’s modernization plans, particularly relating to digital radio.


The article says:


While the Planning Commission in a report had said that a sum of Rs 59 billion would be required over the next ten years for digitisation of All India Radio, the Information and Broadcasting Ministry has prepared a proposal for Rs 8 billion for expediting digitisation in AIR.

All India Radio has 374 transmitters as compared to 299, when Prasar Bharati was formed. But 200 new AIR transmitters have been approved in spillover schemes under the 11th Five Year Plan.

At present, AIR employs transmission in MW, SW and FM band in analogue mode only. Only one Low Power DAB transmitter at Delhi has been set up for experimental purposes.

Keeping in view the worldwide trends of transition in digital mode, AIR plans to introduce Digital Radio Mondale (DRM) transmission below 30 MHz ? MF and HF band ? by upgrading its existing DRM compatible transmitters. All new transmitters including the replacement of old transmitters would be done by DRM compatible transmitters.

For transmission, above 30 MHz introduction of DRM + and DAB are being examined.

However, all digital transmission as and when introduced, will be in simulcast mode for about 10 years. This would be necessary as receivers in the beginning may prove costly. Once the receivers become affordable by the masses, the simulcast mode would be phased out.


The full article can be found at the link below.