Laws-Jones Feud gets Hotter

Hard on the heels of Thursday’s ‘FLINTstones’ jingle, John Laws has played a tape on his 2UE morning program, which has taken his relations with 2GB’s Alan Jones to rock bottom.

The off air tape of Jones goes back to before his defection two years ago to Macquarie. In it, the 2GB breakfast host ridicules upcoming on air subject matter.

Laws has told The Daily Telegraph’s Marcus Casey that he broadcast the edited two minute tape because he is sick of pro-Jones’ listeners calling in to criticise him.

In one outburst, Jones was heard saying: “There’s (beep) in this studio. You know, if it was bloody John John Laws or someone, the whole joint would be cleaned out.”

Another voice replies: “Put him on the list as unemployable.”

Laws says the tape is one of many which exist, featuring the “other” Alan Jones.

“I was weary of hearing from people about how correct Alan is in all ways, that he never swears or never says anything bad.

“I’m tired of hearing how super perfect Alan is and what a f…ing larrikin I am.”

Denying the move has anything to do with ratings, Laws says: “The only motive I have is that I hate hypocrisy.

“I’m not trying to fool anybody with all this holier than thou bulls… he goes on with.

“When I was being compared to him in an unfavourable light, it just annoyed me and I thought ‘bugger it – let them hear what he’s really like’.”

Jones has refused to comment on the incident, with a spokesman saying he does not respond to “garbage”.

Laws has chuckled in response to this, saying: “I like making mischief. If you can’t laugh at someone else’s expense, then what do you do? Plenty have at mine.”

On Thursday, radioinfo reported:

From the Fortress of Arrogance, where the drawbridge has been drawn and the moat filled with crocodiles, here’s the latest salvo from Lawsie, aimed at his erstwhile stable mate, now at the castle across the water. David Flint gets a serve too.

Click here to listen

(Note: audio not for re-publication without permission.)

And, below, is the second letter from ABA Chairman, David Flint, to Alan Jones, which accompanied a copy of a speech by Flint and was tabled at the Senate Estimates Committee this week.

It refers Jones to a mention of him in Flint’s speech.