Listen to Kyle dump interview subject for being late.

Then listen to Kyle being dumped on 6IX for being late

Just last week Kyle Sandilands dumped a planned interview with Married at First Sight contestant Dean Wells for being late.

KIIS 106.5’s producers were trying to track Dean down through Channel Nine’s publicity department for over an hour after he was scheduled to go to air.

When he finally turned up, Kyle dumped him. He asked Dean where he had been. To which Dean replied, “I’m a busy man!” To which Kyle said, “No you’re not. You’re a piece of shit with one show. You know what, shove it in your arse… shove your show in your arse,” and hung up.

But Sandilands himself has been guilty of being a no-show. 

Back around 2005, hit vocalist and Young Talent Time host, Johnny Young on 6IX Breakfast, Perth gave newly appointed Australian Idol judge Kyle Sandilands similar treatment when he failed to turn up for his interview.


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