Missing: one 800 kg transmitter – information needed

2ME and its related country music radio network have not had good luck with transmitters recently. Two were maliciously damaged and now one has been stolen!.

The stolen transmitter is an AWA P5.

Sid Merhi has told radioinfo:

“Yesterday we attended the transmitter site at Homebush (2ME) to open up for Telstra to do some work on the landlines and discovered the standby transmitter had been stolen.

“The floor was also completely swept squeky clean (police say in order to remove any evidence).

“It weighs about 800 kilos and would have been difficult to move.

The police are going through available security footage from SOPA in their enquiries.

The last time the site was attended was about two weeks ago in order to carry out maintenance work on the diplexer. Between that time and this week the transmitter was pinched.

Contact Sid Merhi on email [email protected] if you have any information about the missing transmitter.