Mix 106.3 No 1, big surge from the ABC in Canberra: GfK Survey 2, 2024

Mix 106.3 (17.9, down 2.3) and Hit 104.7 (13.9, down 2.0) are still the No 1 & 2 stations in Canberra but both copped significant losses to have the ABC (12.2, up 1.4) nipping at their heels. With the exception of RN all ABC stations saw growth with ABC Classic up 4.1 percentage points for all audiences 10+ to 11.2 and Adam Shirley (pictured) on ABC Canberra Breakfast up 2.8 to 16.5, just 0.3 behind Mix 106.3 leaders Kristen and Nige (down 1.6 to 16.8).

The new Hit 104.7 breakfast pairing of Wilko and Courts dropped 0.9 to lose the small gains they’d accrued Survey 1. Stablemates Kristen and Nige have now lost 4.7 for the year. 2CC’s Stephen Cenatiempo also saw his breakfast audience halve (3.2, down 3.2). Much brighter were the results for the ABC, especially Megan Burslem on ABC Classic Breakfast who nearly doubled her audience (up 3.7 to 8.4), with ABC News Radio up 2.2 in breakfast as well.

Hit and Mix lost the most ground in Drive where ABC Classic more than doubled its audiences. Strangely also Mix’s 12.3 percentage losses in the 40-54 age bracket saw those listeners turning to either ABC Canberra (up 6.3) or to the traditionally youth station triple j (40-54 up 7.9 to 12.3), nearly triple where they were!

Unsurprisingly given the above, Hit and Mix saw drops in cumulative listening, with the ABC and ABC Classic the most gains.


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