Neil Mitchell slams Triple R Anglican Church ban

3RRR has taken issue with the Church’s $1m donation to the ‘No’ campaign.

A leaked internal email said to have been sent by the 3RRR station manager says the station will this year not broadcast from the Melbourne Music Week Hub because it is based at St Paul’s Cathedral. 

‘The community station, Triple R, a well-respected station, has secretly black-banned the Anglican Church over gay marriage. I have a leaked email from station manager David Houchin, refusing to broadcast from the Melbourne Music Week Hub at St Paul’s Cathedral,’ Mitchell said. Referring to the $1m donation, he added, ‘I agree, that was a waste of money by the church.’

Mitchell says the email states that ‘it wouldn’t be fair to promote the church because some of the Triple R audience would not be welcome or safe at the church,’ and makes it clear the ban was not to be made public.

‘This is a community station sponsored and supported by listeners, and they’re doing secret business behind their back. If they really believe it is right, why keep it a secret?’

Listen to Mitchell’s report below. 


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