New breakfast team at The Hits Auckland

Sarah Gandy, Sam Wallace and Toni Street will take over the Auckland airwaves with their new breakfast show on The Hits from next Monday, 13th February, World Radio Day.

Aucklanders can tune in on 97.4FM, from 6-9am weekdays.

Sarah, Sam and Toni’s show will have a strong Auckland focus, opening up a host of opportunities for local advertisers. Doing anything from yoga at Takapuna Beach to exploring Waiheke, advertisers will be able to get up close and personal with the trio.

Street is best known to Kiwis as one of the hosts of TVNZ’s Seven Sharp, while Sam Wallace has brought the weather forecast to Kiwis on TVNZ’s Breakfast for six years. Longstanding radio personality Gandy hosted The Hits morning show in 2016, after moving across from ZM where she was the Content Director. She is also the entertainment expert on New Zealand Herald Focus.

The team will share secrets and hot spots from the North Shore to Tapapakanga, and everywhere in between. With Gandy a proud Westie, and Street and Wallace hailing from the Shore, there is no doubt of a little local rivalry.

Street and Wallace hosted a Saturday morning show on The Hits last year, and can’t wait to start in their fresh weekday spot, joined by Gandy. Although this means early starts for Street, she will maintain her role with Seven Sharp at TVNZ.

“It will certainly be an adventure and I’m looking forward to exploring the hidden gems of Auckland with Sam and Sarah. With a few scheduled power naps, I’ll be sweet!”

Wallace has a longstanding friendship with both Gandy and Street, and is excited about getting them all together each morning.

“I had such a great time working with Toni on our Saturday morning show last year, and I’m excited for it to be my main gig for 2017. Sarah’s depth of experience in radio is going to be invaluable for both Toni and I.”

For Gandy, it means an earlier wake-up call but working with two close friends will be worth it.

“Working with Toni and Sam is an absolute dream. I can’t wait to add some hilarity to The Hits listeners’ commute – as long as I don’t sleep through my alarm.”

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