New podcast series to probe industry leaders

Former Kyle & Jackie O Show producers Matt Simpson and Bruno Bouchet have launched a new podcast series that will become a regular feature here on radioinfo. 

Matt & Bruno: The Probe will deliver interviews with some of the top media minds and get to the bottom of how they operate and what got them to where they are.

The series has launched with three profiles; Ben Fordham, Ross Stevenson and Peter Ford.

– Entertainment broadcaster and columnist, Peter Ford reveals the truth behind his feud with John Michael Howson and why Richard Wilkins won’t go to his house again.

– 2GB Drive presenter Ben Fordham talks about his time as the chairman of the Stan Zemanek fan club and that podcast ends with some great audio of Ben phoning into Stan’s 2UE show as David Leckie

– 3AW Breakfast co-host Ross Stevenson gives his opinions on airchecks and the big difference between Sydney and Melbourne radio landscapes. He also explains how he blatantly lied to his Program Director to get the legendary The Rumour File segment approved.

Matt and Bruno’s behind-the-mic relationship started in 2012 when they hosted a short-lived Saturday morning show on 2DayFM, “We weren’t very good, but I’m somewhat confident we’re a bit better now,” says Bruno.

“The premise is actually quite simple and honestly-speaking a bit selfish,” says Matt. “We just wanted to interview people that we admired and who inspired us to work in the media.”

Keep an ear/eye out every couple of weeks or so on radioinfo for new episodes of Matt & Bruno: The Probe.