Price tells Laws: You should’ve had the guts…

Old feud between frenemies reignites.

It was meant to be a reconciliation. Steve Price in the same room, one on one with John Laws on TEN’s The Project last night.

The discussion got off to a convivial enough start but Lawsie didn’t exactly apologise for publicly telling Price on Nova’s Fitzy & Wippa brakfast show to ‘go fuck himself’ in retaliation for some disparaging remarks Price made about him during a stint on I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here.

Laws, as he often does, proved difficult talent to interview. Price’s questions were generally longer than his answers.

Still, it was vintage Laws.

Price: Do you think you’ve mellowed the older you’ve got?

Laws: No. People want to say that, but no I haven’t.

Price: I’m sure you would’ve been more aggressive, more cranky when you were younger in your 30’s and 40’s, surely?

Laws: No, I think I’m just as badly behaved now as I was then.

Price: Do you think you’d be able to get away with today, some of the things you got away with in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s?

Laws: Yes.

Price: I’m not sure you could.

Laws: Really? Like what?

Price: Well, we’ve turned into a politically correct country…

Laws: Not me.

Price: But the country has.

Laws: Yes.

Price: You, famously have all the women in your office wear skirts with bare legs.

Laws: True.

Price: But you can’t do that any more.

Laws: I can

Price: You still do it?

Laws: You bet. They all wear skirts.

Price: You haven’t had the equal opportunity commission come ‘round knocking on your door?

Laws: No. And if they do, they can get stuffed. He who pays the piper calls the tune. It would be a bit funny if I wore a skirt. 

(Finally Laws provides an in depth response) I just love women. It’s been one of my great downfalls in life. I love to talk to them. I’d much rather talk to them than a bunch of blokes. And I love them to look feminine. And to me, a skirt on beautiful body is a very, very feminine thing.

Ever the professional, Pricey soldiered on. He had an interview to do and Laws had a new book to sell called “Lawsie. Well… you wanted to know.”

After the pre-recorded segment had aired, Price turned to his fellow panelists on The Project to explain that he hadn’t been given the opportunity to read the book beforehand and he only started flicking through the pages as the camera crew were packing up. 

Price said, “I get to about four pages from the end and there are two pages slagging off: ‘Steve Price is a mouth from the south. He’s a failure. He was never any good on radio. I hate him.’ (It was) all in this book and he’s gone. I didn’t get the opportunity to ask him any other questions about it.”

At that point Peter Helliar asks Price, “What do you want to say to Lawsie now?

“You should’ve had the guts to look me in the face and tell me that you hated me,” says Steve Price.

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