Raining money in Brisbane as Hit105’s Stav Davidson jumps from a plane

Brisbane experiences unseasonably lucrative weather thanks to Hit105’s Stav jumping out of a plane and throwing cash.

Stav made it rain cash at 11am today (Saturday November 3) as he jumped from a plane and released $10,000 into the sky.

Not a tornado, but Stav, Abby and Matt’s Cashnado.
How did this all happen?

Back in June …. Stav breathed a sigh of relief when his planned skydive during hit105’s ‘Should Have Been Origin Legends’ match was cancelled at the last minute.  

However, with idea firmly planted in his colleagues’ minds, and listeners super keen to see him jump, Abby & Matt have been working tirelessly behind the scenes to make it happen.  

This morning Stav took a big deep breath and jumped from 10,000 feet, and, with the support of Suzuki QLD, he released $10,000 and made it rain money over Brisbane.

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