Redfoo’s stockbroking revelation on Hot FM

Redfoo has revealed to Hot FM WA, that before LMFAO vaulted him to international fame, he worked from home as a day trader.

In an interview with breakfast duo Ryan and Rosie, Redfoo said he used to work from home, but looked for a career change after realising he was “wasting money”.

When asked about his previous career, he said “The only thing I didn’t like about it is that you’re kind of placing bets on other companies, and it’s kind of like gambling in a sense.”

“I realised I can’t control what these companies do. I want to put all my efforts into my own company and I want to put the bet on myself. So I kind of just learned after losing a tonne of money that I would have rather spent that money on developing my own business and my music stuff and the studio.”

When Ryan suggested that Redfoo might be the only person who could make stockbroking sound cool, Redfoo jumped at the challenge with an impromptu version of LMFAO’s Party Rock Anthem, dubbed Every Day I’m Stockbrokin’.

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