SCA launches its own Hubble

In a bid to boldly go to scope out and nurture new talent as no network has done before, SCA has launched its own dedicated talent development unit to be known as Hubble.

Hubble is designed to discover the next generation of audio personalities, invite an unprecedented number of new talent into the company and create more opportunities than ever before across radio, podcasting and digital properties.

“Hubble is set to revolutionise the way we discover, develop and deploy talent for our networks”, said Grant Blackley CEO of SCA. “We are excited to pioneer a new approach to the discovery and development of future audio and radio personalities, provide an increased number of opportunities to talent, and create exciting new content for our listeners.” 

Guy Dobson, Chief Content Officer, says, “We know there are many talented people right across Australia, eager to break into this increasingly competitive industry, and we are thrilled to be able to provide a foot-in-the-door with Hubble.

“Entertainment is a fast paced landscape and it can be difficult to discover and keep track of who’s out there, and then align talent with audiences; this system will change all that”, said Guy. 

After twelve months in development, Hubble has created what the company says is its own world-first internal software platform, designed to database talent and track development.

Hubble’s first success story, promising duo Lewis Spears and Luke Kidgell, will start soon on Sunday nights on Melbourne’s Fox FM. Nurtured through SCA’s new talent development initiative, the stand-up comics made their debut into radio on Triple M Modern Digital with their daily show Luke & Lewis, (left) and are now moving onto bigger audiences.    

Hubble will unveil another two development shows in the coming weeks, with plans to open up many more opportunities throughout 2018.

In coming months, Hubble will also launch an external website to accept applications from anyone, anywhere, eager to put themselves forward as potential talent, and will establish a national masterclass series inviting prospective talent to learn from some of the best producers and content directors in the country.

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