“She treats her dogs better than most people treat their kids,” Matt Ambrose

Breakfast in Port Augusta

This week we are in South Australia to shine the spotlight on Matt and Gracie from Magic1059 in Port Augusta, a town right on the water and right on the edge of the desert.
“The best thing is being able to go swimming when the weather hits a 1000 degrees. Don’t forget about those mountains! Some guy called Flanders or Flinders has his name attached to them. I think he is kind of a big deal. It really is a beautiful spot. I’ve grown to love it,” says Matt Ambrose.
Matt and Elizabeth Grace have been on-air together, “A couple of years…. I think. I’m sure Gracie has nailed this question. She documents everything in manila folders. True story.”
True to form when asked the same question and straight off the top of her head Gracie says, “Since November 2014.”
So not quite a year Matt.
I’ve never met anyone like Gracie,” says Matt. “Total perfectionist. She is the type of person that no matter what job she was doing, would do it at 100%.”
Again, Gracie is quick to fire back, “But I admire how fast Matty is with production, he is so quick to rip together audio, callers, beds, you name it, and he does it well. He knows his stuff and is great at what he does.”
I get the feeling Gracie is one of the good people in the world, always positive and always happy to help.
She treats her dogs better than most people treat their kids. She idolises her husband and is ALWAYS banging on about how good he is…she calls him ‘The Golden Boy’. True story. She constantly tells me why I’m not as good as him. Maybe not a true story…”    
What does Gracie have to say to the that?
“Matt can be super immature …he’s like a big brother that takes pleasure in pestering me, like drawing on my arm with a texta while we are live on air, knowing I can’t yell at him!”
Just like you can’t work at Hot Tomato and not have a favourite tomato dish, you can’t work at a radio station called Magic and not have a magic trick.
“Pfft… the best I could do is the old ‘take my thumb off’ trick, it’d be great to have a clever magic trick up my sleeve though,” says Gracie.
I can phantom out of parties like a boss,” says Matt. “To quote Queen B “Like a ghost I’ll be gone”. As my grandmother taught me, always go out on a Beyoncé quote. Always!”