smoothfm’s deserving winners: Audio

smoothfm’s $110,400 prize for correctly guessing four smooth stars went to a very deserving family on Simon Diaz’s afternoons program earlier this week.  
After Victoria Rose and her friend Amanda recognized the songs of Julie Bowen, Julianne Moore, Gabrielle Aplin and Shania Twain, they burst into tears.  

Listen to the promo.

Victoria said, “What, are you serious, are you serious Simon. Oh my god are you serious. Simon you have made my day.”

The win couldn’t come at a better time for the family with Victoria’s husband out of work due to a back injury.

 Corey said, “I’ve had a back injury for a few years now and we are in the middle of trying to sort things out and try and get ourselves back on our feet and you’ve just done it, you’ve just got us out of the biggest hole we’ve ever been in in our entire life.”

Since being launched on the station in May 2012, smooth stars has been run serveral times per year, giving away around $100,000 in prize money each time. 




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