Still no replacement for Dee Dee Dunleavy on 3AW

Its been six weeks since Dee Dee Duneavy and 3AW agreed to an early conclusion to her contract.

In that period GfK Radio 360 Survey 3 came out, showing Dunleavy top in the highly competitive afternoon market. This week’s survey 4 shows 3AW afternoons have dropped 1.1 to 11.8 behind Gold 104.3. A small drop alongside others across the board for 3AW, with the talk station still well on top in Melbourne.

In afternoons 3AW have had Elise Elliott and Tony Moclair warming the chair and next Heidi Murphy.

3AW is in the position to take their time and hire well for the role but with Survey 5 results in just six weeks, you’d think it will be sooner rather than later.

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