Three ‘facts’ about Jason Morrison. One true. Two not.

Last week a listener called in to Perth’s 6PR to say that former 2UE Breakfast presenter Jason Morrison, was working for Australia’s richest woman, mining magnate, Gina Rinehart as a media advisor. Also he’d been approached to be Tony Abbott’s head of communications, but turned down the job.

As many people would tell you, it no doubt helps that Jason Morrison’s bother is the former Immigration and newly appointed Minister for Social Services, Scott Morrison.

When we caught up with Jason he was quick to deny that any nepotism was involved in him getting that job. Firstly, because he hasn’t been offered it and secondly because Scott Morrison is not his brother.

“Common misconception is I’m related to Scott Morrison,” Jason told radioinfo. “It’s not true. I don’t have a brother or anyone in Government! My dad was a genuinely hard working government engineer all his life but he’s now retired and my sister used to work for a Council – but she saw the light and moved to the private sector!”

How do rumours like this get started? “A couple of years ago I sprung a staff member from Chris Bowen’s office spreading the story and a photo of Scott and I together and trying cook up a scandal. I’ve met Scott a few times and he’s a nice bloke … but not a relative.

“I was interviewed by someone a few years ago on Radio National about my un-ABC attitudes to illegal immigration and they introduced me as ‘radio host and Scott Morrison’s younger brother’ Funny!” says Jason.

What is true is his role with Gina Rinehart. “I’ve been working as an advisor to Mrs Rinehart most of this year,” he says.

As far as the job with the Prime Minister is concerned, “I heard they hired someone from the ABC for that job,” says Jason Morrison.

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