Top ten tips for getting a radio job

Phil Brandel’s last article generated plenty of response from radioinfo readers. Some supportive… others not. Phil has been thinking about the responses and has written another in a series of advice tips for those dreaming of a long term radio career. Read Phil’s top ten tips for getting a job in radio.


10 – Have an updated aircheck. There is no point sending an aircheck that you did 5 years ago from your old school radio station. If you’re on community radio send your last shift, same goes for if you’re on commercial radio. If you haven’t got an up to date aircheck borrow a studio or download some studio software and make one. Send 5 of your best breaks, keep it under 3 min and make sure it’s under 3 meg so that it doesn’t block up my inbox. If we want to hear more we will ask.

9 – Aim low, dream high To be honest FOX OR 2DAY or NOVA, probably won’t hire you straight out of radio school or community radio. The smaller the market the more chance you have of getting your first gig

8 – It’s not what you know but who you know. Most PD’s want to hire someone they know or they have heard of, so pick a few stations that you could realistically get a job at, send the PD and aircheck asking for some feedback, and keep sending them airchecks regularly as you improve, this will show that your keen, that your improving and that you really want to work there. Too often I get airchecks from people who say I really want to work at your station, and then I never hear from them ever again. So stay in touch!

7 – Be a radio announcer.  Most stations want a radio announcer. if we wanted a comedian we would hire one, if we wanted someone to do a cross we would hire a promo person. We want to hear solid breaks, with callers, liners, Goss, grabs. Sending 1 break with 2 of your talking about how funny a story in the local paper is for 3 minutes won’t get you a job

6 – Enthusiasm is contagious. I would rather hire a jock who is 100 precent enthusiastic about radio, rather than someone who has a great voice but is lazy and apathetic. If your tossing between radio or the public service, join the public service.

5 – Be prepared to move, Don’t want to move to the country? Then get a job in a bank. It’s easier to get a good job in radio once you have a job. Any job in radio is better than no job,  

4 – Reapplying . If you applied for a job and didn’t get it and then reapply for another job at the same station, send a different aircheck. If you didn’t get a job the first time why do you think that aircheck will work for you a second time? Ask the PD why you didn’t get the job and then work from there on improving yourself. Keep sending regular updated airchecks, PD’s are busy are we not going to remember you from that application you sent 6 months ago.

3 –  Be real. What the difference between you and someone else applying for the same job? YOU! Listen to your Aircheck, could I get a transcript of it and get someone else to read it and would it still be the same? Make it unique to you.

2 – Listen! It was once said that the best talkers are the best listeners. If a PD gives you some advice take it and work on it. There is nothing worse than giving someone some advice on how to improve and then they keep on doing whatever it is they were doing.

1 – Don’t give up, ever, keep trying, keep improving. Success can be measure by what you had to give up to get it

Phil Brandel
Program Director Hot 100.1, Mix 104.9, Top Country 92.3, Darwin


Phil’s station is currently advertising another job on radioinfo’s jobs pages.