The van the Sunshine Coast bought

919 Sea FM’s BarRat & Jess has delivered 13-year-old Jackson, a brand new van, allowing him to visit the beach and the park which he hasn’t been able to see for 2 years.

Jackson was diagnosed with Leukodystrophy which is a rare genetic disorder that affects the central nervous system. With this disorder, Jackson has progressively lost the ability to walk, his body tone and the ability to swallow and eat. He requires 24-hour care, is confined to a wheelchair and unfortunately had outgrown his specialised car seat.

BaRat & Jess, along with the extremely generous Sunshine Coast, recently worked together to raise the money to buy Jackson a brand new van, in conjunction with their friends at Caloundra City Autos.

BarRat & Jess said: We are so honoured Yoshe, Neil and Jackson were so open and invited us into their lives. They are a beautiful hard working family with a heart of gold and as always, the Sunshine Coast never disappoints with helping out someone in need. It just signifies why we live in the best place on earth


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