“This is vile, it has to stop,” 6PR’s Oliver Peterson

Oliver Peterson, presenter of 6PR’s daily Drive show, Perth Live, has taken on a militant group of Vegan activists who have gone as far as targeting his six month old son on social media.

Peterson says, “A line has well and truly been crossed.”

The 6PR website reports: It all began on January 23, when he interviewed the author of a map which published the addresses of farming families across Australia. Activists cherry-picked parts of the interview, took it out of context and spread it across their hate-filled networks.

Since then, Oliver’s personal and public social media accounts and emails have been bombarded with abusive messages and even threats.

But, through all of this Oliver has stayed silent, refusing to give the keyboard warriors what they want… a reaction.

Until now.

On Thursday, during an outdoor broadcast at Westfield Carousel, activists showed up to protest and intimidate Oliver and his listeners.

And then came the straw that broke the camel’s back…

“There have been some comments made on my personal Instagram account, on photographs of my six-month-old son Edward, labelling me a paedophile and labelling me a murderer.

“Stop with your stunts, stop with your harassment, stop with your intimidation and stop with your bullying,” says Oliver.

“This is vile, it has to stop.”

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