Waveform Media’s community radio workshop

Trainers from the Melbourne’s SYN Media delivered a two day radio and multimedia workshop for the Waveform Media group in Warrnambool, Victoria over the weekend.
The nine participants were drawn to the training for various reasons including a volunteer who has ambitions of creating a television show to bring together the Sudanese community.
The training involved a temporary studio being set up in the Brophy Community and Youth Complex reception area.

Currently the volunteers produce over 7 hours of radio each week locally on community radio station 3WAY-FM some of which is rebroadcast nationally on SYN Nation. 

The Waveform Media project has been delivering young people in South-West Victoria media experience and training since early 2014.
It was established as part of the SYN National Youth Media project and is a collaboration of Brophy Family & Youth Services, 3WAY-FM and SYN Media.
The project is supported by the Victorian State Government’s Engage! And Be Heard! grants programs.   

The Waveform Media group meets 4PM Tuesdays at the Brophy Community and Youth Complex, 210 Timor Street, Warrnambool and is available to support any young person 12-26.

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