What it was like to play Molly’s mate Raggsy

The Molly Meldrum miniseries ‘Molly’ was watched by a staggering 2.6 million viewers on Channel Seven.
Last night the spotlight on Molly wrapped up with rock stars local and international sharing their favourite Molly Meldrum stories and what parties at his house were really like.
But back to the mini-series.
Part 1 featured a cameo by Hamish Blake in the control room of the ABC and an appearance from Ed Kavalee from Triple M Brisbane, playing an EON FM announcer. Part 2 featured a cameo by his off-sider Andy Lee who played, ironically a radio announcer.
For SCA’s Michael Beveridge though, he scored more than a cameo, playing Molly’s next door neighbour and mate Raggsy.
Michael made a name for himself in the reality show Big Brother and soon after made a home for himself in Adelaide on the SAFM Breakfast show which he co-hosted for 2 years.
He’s currently co-host of The Drop and Youtube Hits with Marty Smiley, and until last year on Weekend Breakfast with Jo Stanley.
radioinfo caught up with him now the hype has died down to find out more about being in the series and his acting career in general.
What was your acting experience before Molly?
“I hadn’t had a whole lot of acting experience, I did a theatre major at university and some short films here and there for film student mates, but nothing that ever had a budget or catering.”
What was the total experience like?
“The experience was so great. The crew was just something special. After speaking with Sam and director Kevin for a while and hearing about what other sets and shows are like from the other cast and crew, it was pretty clear we had something special happening with Molly.”
You were an absolute natural – what’s feedback been like?
“It was a bit of a stretch me playing a long haired dead-shit hung-over bogan in a footy jersey, so I really had to do some research on playing that role just right. Feedback has been good I guess, it’s a team thing so you don’t want to shine really, just make sure that what you do makes Sam and the key cast shine in their roles.”
As you work in radio, was it valuable gaining understanding of who Molly Meldrum was?
“Yeah it’s nuts finding out just how much a mad party dog Molly was. I’ve partied a bit and have some mates that know how to keg, but no one holds a candle to Molly. And that’s what I really loved, the fact that he just embodied rock n roll… just an amazing character.”

Photo: Michael’s Facebook

       Kim Napier

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