What Is Music? Dunno? You can find out right now

On triple j’s YouTube channel and ABC iview

Sharply blurring the lines between radio and video, What Is Music is a new 15-part digital series that asks and tries to answer the big and small questions about music – have you ever wondered why we sing? What happens in our bodies when we ‘feel’ a beat? Does classical music really make you smarter?
The show’s hosted by triple j’s Linda Marigliano and composer Dan Golding.
Each episode’s only 14 minutes long. The first three are available right now on triple j’s YouTube Channel and ABC iview with new episodes added each week.
During the series, Dan and Linda interview a diverse range of artists and experts as the show delves into how music works on the intersections of emotion, science and culture. Artists include: Vera Blue,  Amrita Hepi, Kota Banks, Peking Duk, classical pianist Joyce Yang, The Preatures, Nina Las Vegas, WALLACE, Alex the Astronaut, CHVRCHES, Xavier Rudd and more.
The hosts also get amongst the mix with experiments and challenges, including being plugged into an EEG machine to look at how the body ‘locks on to’ a beat; writing a hit song in a day with one of Australia’s top producers; a $20 DYI instrument challenge with a twist. 
 Watch the first 3 episodes here: 
triple j YouTube : https://bit.ly/2LDs6BY
ABC iview : https://ab.co/2LBilEd