What would a Breakfast show host do for $1 million?

Breakfast on The Border

Today we throw the spotlight on Lu & Matt from 105.7 The River in Albury.

And we have an issue.

Lu was asked if she’d be prepared to pull the wings off an endangered butterfly for one million dollars and her response: “NO!! I don’t think Matt would either, he loves all animals.”

Get ready to be disappointed Lu, Matt’s response: “One million?!? I would do it for 10 bucks and a double choc Cherry Ripe!”
Matt Griffith and Luisa Pelizzari have only been on air together six months which probably isn’t long enough to work out if your partner has sociopathic tendencies. Well at least that’s what PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) would say.
The pair were also asked what is one thing your listeners wouldn’t know about you and both answered, “Not much.” Arguing that like most announcers they are an open book.
They are certainly not shy.
Lu has recently ticked nude modelling off her Bucket List.
I did the Art Life Modelling (Nude) as part of my personal journey of body love and self-acceptance; and to say to women and girls including my 14-year old daughter, that healthy bodies of all shapes, sizes and ages are beautiful.”
Matt would prefer to keep his clothes on to tick off his Bucket List.
I dread heights so I’ve avoided skydiving but I know one day I will tick it off.”
One thing the duo both agree on is the highlight from their time on air together, raising money to buy medical equipment for the local Pediatric Services in Albury Wodonga.
“I would say our 25k in 25 hours for Give Me 5 for Kids. 25 hours non-stop was pretty grueling but actually enjoyable in a bizarre slightly sadomasochistic way and the end result was more than 30 grand,” says Matt. 
“Raising money for this years’ Give Me 5 For Kids…Matt, myself, Ali Donnellan and Dave Brunton were on air together from 8am one day till 9am the next day. We smashed our $25,000 target, raising over $30,000 on the first day of a whole month of fundraising. You see a persons’ true colours at 3am when they’ve been on air for 19 hours, and Matt was still fun and into it,” adds Lu.
Next time you are locked in a room together for 25 hours ask each other this.
Your best friend is about to get married. The ceremony will be performed in one hour, but you have seen, just before coming to the wedding, that your friend’s fiancee has been having an affair. If your friend marries this woman, she is unlikely to be faithful, but on the other hand, if you tell your friend about the affair, you will ruin his wedding. Would you, or would you not, tell your friend of the affair?
Moral dilemmas are a great way to get to know each other.
And by the way, there are more than 20 species of butterfly listed as endangered.

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