When radio is in the family

Happy to be challenged here but has radioinfo uncovered a family with the most number of members currently represented in the broadcast industry?
Patrick Rice, Production Manager Star FM Central Coast, his Mum Sarah King,  a breakfast announcer at 2GO since 1990, Sarah’s brother Dan King, formerly Star FM Central Coast currently with Foxtel as a sound designer and producer and former Hot Tomato breakfast announcer Renae King.
So, with a parent, Uncle and Aunt in the industry it’s no surprise Patrick, the youngest of the dynasty has followed in the family footsteps.
“Is Mum my inspiration for getting into the radio industry?
“She’s defiantly one of the reasons,” says Patrick.  
“Another main inspiration would be my uncle Dan, being in production as well I admire all his achievements and just wish to one day be as good as he is at what he does. 
“Also, only ever having friends over for dinner that work in radio and not knowing anything else different persuaded me in the radio direction,” Patrick says.

                                                               Patrick and Uncle Dan

So, what does Sarah think of her little boy working in radio, an industry notoriously fickle?
“I was delighted. It is a privilege to work in radio and I could not have been more excited. He was a radio promotion as an embryo “sex, date, time, and weight” with the winner receiving 5000k back in 1997, so I guess he was kind of involved in some way from right back then it’s just that now he is getting paid.”
“…but I think it is important to be totally flexible. Radio production is great because it can be a good base for may careers outside of radio (and yes there is an outside).  Brother Dan has shown that by shifting over to TV and other applications like private recording studios could apply too.”
After his radio debut in 1997, at the age of six Patrick started voicing commercials.
“Then I started work experience in year 10 at SCA Gosford, imaging. I instantly knew I was going to be in radio, just through the love and passion I had at work experience told myself, this is what I want to do. Then I also started doing tech work at outside broadcasts for SCA Gosford in year 10. Then during my senior years of high school I’d very rarely go to school because I’d be working casual either as a tech or in production. In year 12 and onwards I started doing promotional work out in the street cars doing live crosses on air, and I managed to snag a casual position at NOVA Sydney as a Tech, this helped me tremendously for it gave me the opportunity to meet to production guys at NOVA, learn from them, and they helped me with the position here at STAR FM. “
And Patrick is quick to point out he’s worked hard outside of his family connections to secure his career.

                                                  Patrick with Mum Sarah and Aunty Renae

Growing up with mum on the radio was difficult,” he says.
“It may seem like it’s an ‘easy way in’ if your mum has worked in the radio industry for 27 years, but it’s a lot to live up to, especially how she isn’t the only successful family member in radio. Having an uncle and aunt also within the radio community people can treat you very differently in both good and bad ways. But everything has been an amazing learning curve for me to get to this stage.”
However, is it hard for the kids whose parents are in the industry, not to be seen to be getting a leg up – perhaps putting extra pressure on themselves to succeed or even distancing themselves from the success of their Mum or Dad?
Unfortunately, this has been a factor. He only ever wanted to be treated like everyone else but you can imagine there are some, who are less evolved, who will always feel intimidated no matter how hard you work. That kind don’t usually stay in radio anyway! He has an awesome set of family friends who he will have for life, not to mention auntie and uncle all of which are quite simply the most incredible role models and at Star FM he is meeting even more.”
Still it’s hard not to pass on years of wisdom.

“She has given me the best advise someone with her experience could give… nothing but knock on doors,” says Patrick (grown up left).
“I once told her that I didn’t want years of radio experience advise and she agreed. She believed I should be able to make mistakes and learn from them.”

“I am a mum,” says Sarah.


“And that is the most powerful force in the world and as such, I am so totally grateful to his new station for giving him a chance. He didn’t get the job “because of me” he got the job “despite of me” and that is so important to both of us. His talent shone through and I couldn’t be happier.
“I can’t promise I will swap shirts at home though,” says Sarah referring to her and Patrick working on opposition stations.
“This has caused absolutely no tension what so ever,” says Patrick.
“She couldn’t be more thankful to Star 104.5 for giving me the opportunity to do what I love and have been putting in years of effort for… she is thrilled for me! But who knows it could all change when survey comes out… hahaha.”

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