Why I won’t work with anyone but Amanda: Jonesy

In the latest episode of the podcast You’ve Gotta Start Somewhere, host Rachel Corbett has sat down with WSFM‘s Brendan Jones.

Jonesy, as he is affectionately known chats about the move that changed his career, why you can never trust Jules Lund on a red carpet and why he thinks the hours are the best thing about his job.

He has also spoken about why he wouldn’t work with anyone else but Amanda Keller.

“It was Triple M and Andrew Denton had a heart thing, so they rang me and I filled in…it would have been around 2000 and at the end of the week I was like, wow, that was the best radio show I have ever done.

” I have done a lot of different team shows and I was so sad, devastated, I thought it’s not going to happen.”

Amanda had returned to television hosting her own pop culture-centric program Mondo Thingo.

” I would court her and say “Come on just do the show, just do the show” but she didn’t want to do it and didn’t want to do breakfast radio ever again.

” I said to her it’s not going to be hard, you can show up at 6 in the morning and leave at 9, I will do all the other stuff … just be there, if you are just there the chemistry we have will get us through.”

Jonesy and Amanda’s breakfast show is now in it’s 13th year.

“We are like a band… we fight, Amanda probably more with me but I drive her crazy, I stir her up and that’s what the thing is but she is so sharp she is too sharp, that’s the problem, she’s sharper than me.”


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