No change in the top 10 of the Australian Podcast Ranker, Hamish and Andy No 1

The latest Australian Podcast Ranker has shown little change in the rankings, with Hamish and Andy No 1, Casefile True Crime second and Mamamia Out Loud third for the second consecutive month. There was no change in the Top 10.

Both Hamish and Andy and Casefile True crime dropped monthly listeners, down from over a million last ranker to 985,688 and 834,500 respectively. This drop is likely due to last month both podcasts releasing five episodes, not four.

The two new entries in the top twenty and the two highest debuts were all Australian made true crime podcasts.

The follow on from Teacher’s Pet, The Teacher’s Trial, from Hedley Thomas and journalists at The Australian, was up 49 to 19. Hannah’s Story, from Nine, was up 37 to 20.

Debuting at 58 was News Corp’s Mother’s Guilt, following the Kathleen Folbigg trial. Also entering the ranker at 65 was NOVA and Podshape’s The Garden of Eden, investigating the death of 15-year-old Eden Westbrook in Tasmania.

LiSTNR remains the No.1 podcast network with more than 8 million listeners, and 19 podcasts in the top 50 of the Australian Podcast Ranker, including Hamish and Andy. Their 7am (at No 7) with Schwartz Media was again was the top news podcast.

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