Zara Curtis Mamamia’s new Chief Content Officer

Zara Curtis will join Mamamia in September as Chief Content Officer (CCO) with 20 years experience across content, creative and marketing teams with News Lifestyle Media, Fremantle Productions, and most recently, Head of Customer Experience, Brand Communications and Social Impact for IAG. Curtis will set the strategic content direction for audience growth.

Mia Freedman (pictured with Zara, on Zara’s right) moves to the Chief Creative Officer role and will continue to host the No Filter and Mamamia Out Loud podcasts (#13 and #4 respectively on the May 2024 Australian Podcast Ranker).

Freedman, Mamamia’s Co-Founder as well as Chief Creative Officer, said:

“Zara and I worked incredibly closely back in the golden era of magazines and I am delighted to be reuniting with her at Mamamia. We have always shared a love of women’s media and the unrivalled power it has to influence culture, behaviour, and purchasing decisions. For many years we have been looking for the right person for this role and I couldn’t be more excited to be working alongside someone I admire and trust so much and who ‘gets’ our brand so instinctively.”

Curtis said:

“I’ve always been truly inspired by Mamamia’s purpose “to make the world a better place for women & girls” and I am a passionate believer in the role of independent publishing to authentically deliver on such an important mission.

Today Mamamia has earned the trust of 7 million Australian women’s ears & eyeballs and is the number one podcast network for women in the world, so for me, I’m fired up and thrilled to be joining Mamamia as Chief Content Officer to really focus on growing audiences across every platform and deepen every single engagement as I lead some of the most talented journalists, producers, and storytellers in the country.

With (new CEO) Nat Harvey at the helm and a leadership dream team, I am honoured to be joining. I’ll bring my creativity, passion, and deep strategic content and audience expertise to this already incredible team working alongside founder, friend, and fearless Chief Creative Officer Mia Freedman to push the boundaries and over deliver on our collective ambitions for Mamamia as we continue to advocate, represent, and engage Australian women today and into the future.”

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