Adolf Hitler speech transmitted on police radios across Chicago

An Adolf Hitler speech shown in a 1935 Nazi propaganda film was broadcast over Chicago police radios in an unauthorised transmission. (Who would actually authorise it anyway?)
The audio was from a speech made by the Nazi leader in Leni Riefenstahl’s production of ‘Triumph of the Will’, according to Imke Meyer, a professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago who teaches Germanic studies.
He explained: “Numerous key words were audible, among them ‘Deutschland’ (Germany), ‘Partei’ (party), ‘Volk’ (the people — the German people would be referenced in this context), ‘Jahrtausende’ (millennia — a reference to the idea that the Third Reich would endure for thousands of years to come), ‘Reich’ and ‘Fuhrung’ (leadership).”

Radio frequencies were blocked out for approximately four minutes while the transmission played.
Users on Twitter known for listening to Chicago police scanners noticed the transmission as well. One noted that the transmission had moved channels.
During the transmission, a radio dispatcher told police to switch their channels if they had any emergencies.
‘We have a rogue radio,’ the dispatcher said.