BBC radio presenter is mistaken for racist French rapper then gets death threats

A local BBC presenter said he has received death threats online after being mistaken for a French rapper who was accused of racism.
Radio Norfolk presenter Nick Conrad, shares a name with a provocative French rapper, who released a music video called Pendez Les Blancs – which translates as “hang the whites”.
The lyrics caused uproar in France, and the video was eventually removed from YouTube.
Nick said: “Apparently he said in some song that we should be, quote unquote, ‘killing white babies’. Well, people have taken to the likes of Twitter to vent their frustrations and fury at Mr Conrad and rather than directing it at him I’m getting it and I’m getting it both barrels and I’m getting death threats in French.”
He has reported the threats to the police saying he initially thought he had been mistakenly tied into a message group until a French friend told him about the rapper who had been in the news.
Describing the rapper’s lyrics as “downright abhorrent”, he said he was now “seeing the funny side” of the mistaken identity situation. “Last night I was very grateful for the English Channel separating me from all these people who wanted to do some ghastly things to me.”
IMAGE: The English Nick Conrad