BBC World Service fan forces neighbours to move

A BBC World Service fan “plagued” his neighbours by playing Radio 4 non-stop forcing them to to move  house.

A court has heard that Robert Thomas, 59, (pictured) would listen to Radio 4 at full volume day and night, forcing his neighbours Stewart and Juliet Dunlop and their two teenage children to wear earplugs so they could sleep.

Thomas, who had a particular penchant for BBC World Service news reports and documentaries, unleashed a “sustained campaign of anti-social behaviour” which culminated in vandalism and spraying the family with a garden hose.

The situation deteriorated to the point where the family were eventually forced to move out of their home in the Hanham area of Bristol.

Thomas had already been given an ASBO (anti-social behaviour order) for his behaviour which he admitted breaching on four occasions between September and October 2011

He was handed a six month community order with six months supervision at Bristol Crown Court.