China professor missing after radio interview is interrupted

The whereabouts of a Chinese professor known for his views critical of the government remains after police interrupted his radio interview with U.S. government broadcaster Voice of America.
Sun Wenguang was speaking to the station when he says that half a dozen officers barged into his apartment in the eastern city of Jinan. He can be heard exclaiming that “I have my freedom of speech” just before the line goes dead.
VOA said that Sun had not responded to attempts to contact him, but that sources it did not identify said he was being held in a military-run hotel in Jinan.
A former professor of physics, the 84-year-old Sun has long been critical of China’s communist leadership, most recently protesting China’s vast expenditures on development projects abroad at a time when many Chinese remain poor.
Before the line goes dead, Sun can be heard saying “throwing money around like this is of no benefit to our country and society.”
Sun’s views have brought official retribution ranging from a seven-year prison sentence to being denied a passport and having his pension cut.