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GatesAir integrates Intraplex Audio over IP Transport within Flexiva Radio Transmitters

Thursday 27 August, 2020

GatesAir, announces two new Intraplex IP Link Audio over IP innovations that move the brand into new designs and applications.
The IP Link 100e is the Intraplex family’s first modular plug-in card built for integration within radio transmitters, while the IP Link 100c is a new compact hardware codec built for remote contribution and standard STL IP connections.

StreamGuys and GatesAir enable cloud services with Intraplex Networking solutions

Thursday 11 June, 2020

GatesAir has partnered with StreamGuys to automate server-side applications in the cloud for broadcasters moving live AM/FM audio over IP networks.
The technical innovation translates GPIO contact closures into in-stream metadata, enabling server-side ad breaks, program recordings and other functionality without physical intervention.

GatesAir has promoted Keyur Parikh to Vice President of Engineering

Monday 01 June, 2020

Longtime Intraplex team leader and IP networking visionary, Keyur Parikh transitions to the new leadership role, and will oversee engineering development for all product lines at GatesAir,  effective immediately.
He reports to GatesAir CEO Bruce D. Swail, with increased responsibilities across engineering team management and system software development for all product lines.

GatesAir's Virtual Event series continues with Week 3 webinars

Tuesday 21 April, 2020

GatesAir had planned to be in Las Vegas at NAB this week, but instead are continuing their schedule of broadcasting-related webinars and online events.
With Virtual Events GatesAir are featuring new product updates, topical presentations, round tables with special guests, and even "virtual booth meetings" to help personally support broadcasting needs.
In Week 3 of the Virtual Events series, their webinars include:

GatesAir adds new webinars and online events

Thursday 26 March, 2020
In light of several cancelled/postponed industry events around the world in 2020, GatesAir is presenting a schedule of webinars and online events.
With Virtual Events they will be featuring new product updates, topical presentations, round tables with special guests, and even "virtual booth meetings" to help personally support broadcasting needs.
Upcoming webinars in the Virtual Events series include:

GatesAir expands Maxiva transmission family for DAB+

Wednesday 11 March, 2020

GatesAir will broaden its range of Maxiva transmitters and next-generation software innovations for digital broadcasters at the 2020 NAB Show.
They will introduce its first Maxiva liquid-cooled transmitter line for VHF television and DAB Radio, alongside several compact, high-density transmission solutions from its new GatesAir Europe division.

GatesAir transitions MediaWorks NZ to uncompressed audio over IP networking

Friday 30 August, 2019

GatesAir has transitioned long-time customer MediaWorks to an uncompressed Audio over IP networking architecture.

BARIX, Dielectric, GatesAir, StreamGuys & ENCO at NABshow

Wednesday 10 April, 2019
NABShow is the largest trade show in the world for broadcasting, and apart from the big players, there are a number of innovative smaller companies showing products thsi year.

GatesAir is at NABShow with DAB+ transmitters from 1KW and below, and Ted Lantz says the cost of transmitters is getting more affordable.

GatesAir introduces Intraplex® Ascent

Wednesday 27 March, 2019

GatesAir will unveil Intraplex® Ascent at the 2019 NAB Show.

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