​Community broadcasters opt to keep streaming, but don’t expect to pay extra

The Community Broadcasting Association of Australia (CBAA) has distanced itself from the decision by commercial radio operators to cease streaming their simulcasts of local radio programs in regional markets.

In a communiqué to its members the CBAA stated: This action taken by some regional commercial broadcasters has no bearing on discussions between the community broadcasting sector and the PPCA. Community broadcasters should continue to simulcast online via their current streaming services.

Nonetheless, the community sector, like its commercial counterpart believes that the simulcasting of existing radio programs on the internet should not be subject to additional broadcast fees, stating on its website:

As a result of ongoing advocacy, the new Minister for Communications, Malcolm Turnbull, is considering whether to issue a Determination that would clarify that an internet simulcast is a “broadcasting service” as per the Broadcasting Services Act 1992 (BSA). Such a Determination would mean that no separate license is required to simulcast on the internet as has been the situation since community radio stations began simulcasting in 2000.

For the full CBAA statement, click here.

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