​GEM FM’s Robbo kidnapped by Purple Monkeys

All in a good cause, of course.
Normally Rob “Robbo” Redmond is the workday announcer at the Super Network’s Gem FM in Inverell, NSW.
It all came about while Robbo was filling in for The Breakfast Show a few weeks ago around the time of Inverell’s Relay For Life at Rugby Park to  raise money for the Cancer Council.
As part of a stunt (all in a good cause, of course) the last hour of The Breakfast Show was “hijacked” by one of the groups involved in said “Inverell Relay For Life,” a trio of local high school students who called themselves The Purple Monkeys.
They gagged him (torture for a radio jock) and asked GEM’s listeners what dares they’d like him to perform on air in order to raise money for the Relay For Life.
Robbo endured a number of hairs ripped off his left leg with gaffer tape. And as much as that hurt, he was less prepared for the agony of having to sing Celine Dion’s My Heart Will Go On. It was even worse for the listeners.
But it didn’t stop there… one of the businesses in town challenged him and a sales rep (in blue undies) to run through the streets of Inverell in their underwear.
At 4:30 that afternoon, they ran through the streets of Inverell wearing nothing but underwear  – as well as shoes, socks, sunglasses and sashes saying “Relay For Life” across their chests. Robbo says, “It was one of the most nerve-wracking things I’ve ever had to do in my life (mind you… singing Celine Dion was pretty tough as well).”
It was all for a good cause, of course, and 2NZ/Gem FM along with all the groups of Inverell who took part in that weekend’s Relay For Life, raised a total over $50,000.

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