​Kate Langbroek to spend a year near the birthplace of Marconi

Kate Langbroek and her young family are almost packed and ready to spend a year living in Italy.

Kate had originally talked about spending just one year as part of Hughesy & Kate because of the intended move, but both Dave and the Hit Network were keen to keep her on the show.

Kate’s executive producer, Sacha French, was sent to Bologna to find a studio and so, much like when Hughesy is travelling locally and internationally for stand-up, Kate will still be able to be an active part of the broadcast.
And Bologna is an interesting choice as this is also the birth place of Marconi with Villa Griffoni, the house where Marconi conducted his first experiments with radio and now the home of the Marconi Museum, just outside of town.
radioinfo’s Steve Ahern visited the museum in April last year.