2GB not guilty of defaming Trad

Keysar Trad to pay costs.

The NSW Court of Appeal has ruled that 2GB did not defame Muslim community spokesperson Keysar Trad in comments made by Jason Morrison in 2005.

Trad will have to pay up to $1 million after the judge ruled that he should pay Harbour Radio’s court costs.

Morrison, who, at the time, was filling in for regular talkback host Ray Hadley, accused Trad of inciting hatred and violence against the station. He called Trad a “disgraceful” and “dangerous” individual who incited violence, hatred and racism during 24 minutes of comments about the riots (see our report from that time). Morrison said Trad was “responsible for more misinformation about the Islamic community of the attitudes of Christian Australians than any other person.

Lawyers for Trad told the court that Morrison’s comments would be interpreted by ordinary Australians to mean that Trad was a terrorist or a nazi.

A series of cases and appeals over the past 8 years led to this final court decision.


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