2GB’s Ben Fordham tells of living with epilepsy on ACA

Since his first epileptic seizure at age seven, Ben Fordham says he has lived in fear of the uncertainty of when the next attack might occur.

He feared that epilepsy would ruin his radio and television career if it couldn’t be managed properly.

Along with NRL legend and friend Wally Lewis Fordham went public and became an ambassador for Epilepsy Australia to help others with the condition.

People are still reluctant to talk about the illness, he told Tracy Grimshaw on the Nine Network’s A Current Affair.

“I’m 38 and the only people with a public profile who I’ve heard in my life with epilepsy are Wally Lewis and Buddy Franklin,” Fordham said.

He spoke of his disappointment knowing politicians and other public figures who have confided in him that they too are sufferers, but have declined to speak about it publicly on his Drive program on 2GB.

See the whole ACA segment here.

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